About Hallmark Developments

Hallmark Developments is a leading Essex-based developer of residential and commercial property, respected for its professionalism, quality products and customer care. We build homes, retirement properties, commercial and retail units throughout Essex and into East Anglia, and also invest in the commercial rental market.

Established in 1992, we are privately owned. Our business is driven by a mix of practical and professional expertise, chartered surveyors, chartered accountants and quantity surveyors, sit on our board of directors. Their presence and complimentary skills empower us to make informed decisions and respond to market demands fast and effectively. The short lines of communication also support our excellent customer and professional relationships.

We occupy a niche position in the industry as one of the most experienced in our geographic area, the only small company in the region providing retirement apartments in volume. We are leading users of timber frame engineering as part of the sustainable development process.

Meet the team

Stephen Everington

Chief Executive

Norman Ewen


For me it has been a good move and I have made many new friends. An ideal and safe environment for retirement.

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A retirement home specialist company and winner of the Daily Mail award for Best Retirement Development (Essex) in 2008.

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